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The creation of estimates in Flexography is based on the elaboration of technical specifications. The workflow for creating technical specifications begins on customer identification and definition of the type of product to print.

After this first step, Print & Plan based on the data provided, makes the simulation of imposition in accordance with the printing, cutting, printing cylinder, cutting cylinder, images number printed in width and development, which the cutter must be type of finish used such as winding or coil diameter maximum number of labels, among others. After the selection of the desired imposition, it is associated to a workflow that contains the required operations to produce the estimate.

The identification of raw materials needed is affixed so the estimator can identify the key materials in different processes. It may also be associated an PDF image to the technical specification.

At the time of preparing the estimate is only necessary to indicate which technical specification you want, and then posted all the technical details.

After insertion of one or more quantities, the estimate is automatically created and then presented all costs associated with this job and the appropriate selling price. The sale price is calculated according to previously defined price lists, however this can be changed.

All historical calculation and recalculation is posted in order to make it simple and effective definition of the sale price.